How long does City Power take to respond to complaint?

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Log compliant City Power

How long does City Power take to respond to complaint?

If the reported issue has not been dealt with within four hours, or if there has been no response about restoration, contact your ward councillor with your address and reference number so they can escalate the matter.

The City of Joburg is working on long-and short-term solutions to the problem of outages across the city.

While most people have complaints for the municipality, many do not actually report them to the correct people or in the right way.

If someone has not logged a service delivery query, then the City of Johannesburg is probably not aware of the issue, and it may remain unresolved.

The municipality relies on residents to log service delivery failures so that they are able to attend to them and resolve them. Even if you think, ‘Someone must have reported this already, I don’t need to,’ you should still log your complaint. The sooner residents log complaints, the sooner they can be resolved, and if a lot of residents are logging the same complaint, the probability is that it will be seen as more urgent and resolved a lot faster.

The easiest way to log a complaint would be with a CoJ website known as logNow  (

This website has links to log complaints with every City entity you could think of, including:

JRA, City Power, Joburg Water, Pikitup, City Parks and Zoos, Billing Enquiries, JMPD, and some complaints can be relayed to the Ombudsman.

City Power typical response times from receipt of logged issue

No Power to area/property

30% within 1.5 hours

60% within 3 hours

90% within 7.5 hours

98-100% within 46 hours

Illegal Connection –  24 hours

Dangerous Situation – Immediate

Street Light not working  – 2 days

Meter Conversions – 72 hours

Faulty Meter – 72 hours

Planned outages

​​​​​​​​​​​Public Announcement from City Power Johannesburg

​​​​​​​​​​​Public Announcement from City Power Johannesburg


A planned outage is a power interruption that occurs when City Power switches off electricity supply at a substation or other portion of the network in order to execute maintenance and /or emergency duties to correct defects in the network so that it functions at its maximum potential.


A subsequent loss of power to customers as a result of a planned outage being implemented, may affect all or some of the areas/customers supplied from the substation or portion of the network concerned as in certain occasions only part of the substation may be isolated.

However it is important to note that the areas mentioned as affected in the scheduled planned outage notice document are the areas that will definitely be isolated (switched off).

For more information please see the scheduled planned outage notices.

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