Why use LogNow SmartCity?

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Why use LogNow SmartCity?

LogNow SmartCity is a web based mapping and reporting street portal to notify your local municipality responsible for fixing problems in the City of Johannesburg. There is no App to download and its very convenient to use. LogNow helps residents and visitors to the City of Jo’burg inform their local authority of problems needing attention such as –

  • Leaking water infrastructure
  • Faulty electrical infrastructure
  • Broken street lights
  • Illegal Electricty Connections
  • Illegal Building
  • Potholes
  • Refuse not collected
  • ByLaw infringements
  • Illegal Dumping
  • Account issues
  • Live maps displaying where water and potholes have been reported
  • Other issues that need your  municipalities attention.

Save yourself the frustration phoning the call centre.

A great advantage of LogNow is it significantly reduces the strain on expensive call centre resources or residents getting frustrated when they need to report an issue having to wait for their call to be taken.

When using LogNow SmartCity on your smart phone it matches the exact geo location of the issue, you select the category of the problem, add a photo and provide additional information. This provides the entity responsible for getting it fixed with all relevant information.  Complaints sent by you are reported to the relevant department easily and quickly.

Complaints received relating to water and roads are published on Google Maps for the public to view. Every month, users send thousands complaints to City of Jo’burg using LogNow portal with thousands of people viewing the website. Our portal creates accountability, transparency and all complaints are auditable. This means that municipal officials can’t tamper with the data.

Why should you be part of the LogNow SmartCity Active Citizery Community?

Every occasion that an issue is reported represents a citizen is fulfilling the desire to make their own community a better place live. The portal is a great place to learn what are the prevailing problems that have been reported and type of issues. The historical information about your own neighbourhood is useful to the community, councillors and for the effective running of your municipality.

Active citizenry are members of society who take charge of their future and are the agents of what they want to happen in their communities. It requires inspirational leadership at all levels and every aspect of life. Active Citizens connects people, supporting them to develop their skills and knowledge to build fairer and more resilient societies. The most important thing that Active Citizens have in common is that they seek to build trust within and between communities. And they do this with resourcefulness and imagination.

Become a LogNow SmartCity Partner.

The LogNow SmartCity report-mapping portal can be deployed anywhere in the world and is most commonly used for reporting street related issues to local municipalities or counties.

For more information tap on the link below

Should you wish to deploy LogNow SmartCity in your municipality or country or you wish to send us a message follow the contact LogNow link below.

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Did You Know …

Did you know that the signing of the new Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996, shaped local government as the epicentre of the government delivery system and at the heart of poverty eradication initiatives (Mogale, 2003:227). Further, both the 2000 and 2006 local government democratic elections heralded a new epoch for the local sphere of government informed by the imperatives of fast-tracking service delivery to local communities, enhancement of financial performance of municipalities, the strengthening of human resource capacity and broad consolidation of institutional capacity for municipalities. Read Source 

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