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How about improving service delivery efficiency in your municipality?

By deploying the FREE to use SmartCity Active Citizenry Community Portal we have put the power back into the hands of the citizens.

We are passionate about helping the city and its communities to make the most of technology, connectivity and data to create a place that works more effectively and sustainably bringing with it greater opportunities.

LogNow is used by thousands of residents every day to log service delivery issues and infrastructure failures to the City of Jo’burg and its entities. The portal also guarantees transparency and accountability by placing the power back into the hand of the citizens providing flexibility to achieve the best outcome.

Municipal Public Partnership

LogNow SmartCity embraces the concept of Municipal Public Partnerships’ (MPP) to assist municipalities in deploying service delivery solutions. Citizens can shape their community and in turn, community cohesion will build and grow.  Our solutions make cities efficient, resilient, and sustainable.

A big part of the service delivery challenge to local governments is providing desired services at affordable costs. The other part of the challenge lies in reassuring local taxpayers that their resources have been well spent. Good performance measures and the appropriate use of benchmarks can help on both counts. (Ammons 1997, 11)

Most modeWhy is third-party risk management important?

Modern organisations rely on third parties to keep operations running smoothly. With third-party risk software, organisations can develop programs that can improve service delivery,  make cities efficient, resilient, and sustainable. When leveraging  automation opportunities that purpose-built software provides such as the LogNow portal, we can provide citizens with impartial information based on our “big data” that cities would normally not make available.

Digital Innovation improves public service delivery

Digital innovation helps generate new economic opportunities, improve public service delivery and facilitate citizen engagement in cities. LogNow SmartCity incorporates the most current digital innovation technology and has embraced the concept by being a Municipal Public Partner.  This is transforming the way the cities and regions work to support a more resilient future city that enables and empowers citizens to be actively involved in shaping services.

Large city challenges

Understanding the complexities of running a metropolitan municipality, LogNow SmartCity deployed its flagship version in the City of Jo’burg, in 2019 being the largest municipality.

If LogNow works in Jo’burg it will work for your municipality.

Smart City Principles:

  1. Integration – Changing our framework, processes and integrating our multiple city systems that will make the city work better and deliver social, economic and environmental value. This regards cities as a ‘system of systems’ that needs to be addressed holistically.
  2. Digital – Securing investment in modern digital infrastructure new urban and smart technologies and intelligent smart systems of future internet of things that will help us manage what we do more efficiently – technology enabled not technology driven.
  3. Data – Open access approach to public re-useable data, recognising information and inclusion are key assets.
  4. Citizen Engagement – Placing citizens and businesses need at the heart of the decision making process to shape and design services.


PUTTING OUT THE TRASH Measuring Municipal Service Efficiency in U.S. Cities

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