JOC OVERVIEWThe Joint Operations Committee (JOC) was established by the City of Johannesburg to ensure that all events held in Joburg are safe and that the event organisers comply with all by-laws and City regulations. These events range from major ones such as music festivals to domestic ones such as weddings in townships.

Municipal-owned entities and City departments – namely Event Management, Disaster Management, City Parks, City Power, Emergency Management Services, Environmental Health, Johannesburg Development Agency, Johannesburg Metro Police Department, Johannesburg Water, Johannesburg Roads Agency, Metrobus and Pikitup – and the South African Police Service are represented on the JOC.

For an event to be safe, the organiser has to follow certain procedures through the City’s JOC. A checklist containing all the details required is attached.

If your event is a –

  • Demonstration
  • March
  • Picket
  • Rally

follow the process  and  follow certain procedures through the City’s JOC.

The JOC officially meets once a week, on a Thursday. These meetings start promptly at 7.30am in the Egoli Boardroom, B Block, Ground Floor, Metro Centre, Braamfontein, Johannesburg.

Most events and venues will require that presentation be made to the local JOC (Joint Operations Committeefor approval.

  • Overview of the event
  • Floor plans, Site plans, gas plan/ Road Maps
  • Emergency contact numbers (organizers)
  •  JOC requests (30 days notification)
  • Certificates of Approval for temporary structures and COC’
  • A Day Programme of the event and a list of VIP’s attending the event.
  •  Security plan, Parking plan  & Medical plan
  • Disaster management and evacuation plan
  • Fire Safety (Application form)
  •  Environmental Health (COA for caterer and noise control applications)
  • Traffic management plans, and indemnity form (JMPD)
  • Venue permission letters
  • Waste Management Plan
  •  JRA Wayleave
  •  Passenger liability for busses
  • Minutes of planning meetings before the event
  • Public Liability (Insurance for the Event)
  •  SAPS and ward councilor confirmation letters
  • Hardcopies (files) of your operational plans
  • NPO Number and Proof from SARS (certificate)
  • Proof Of Payment to relevant departments



City JOC Guidelines and Procedures for Staging Events within the City of Johannesburg
JMPD Acknowledgement form
COJ Indemnity
Section 6(3) Application


Event Management 011 407 7525
PIKITUP 011 712 5316
EMS – Events 011 407 6018
City Power 011 490 7780
City Parks 011 712 6664
JMPD Events 011 490 1590
JHB Water
011 688 1601
011 298 5295
Environmental Health
011 587 4285
011 403 4300
JDA Newtown
011 833 6323
011 373 3406
Environmental Management
011 587 4285
011 712 5247
Disaster Management
011 373 7517
City Power
011 490 7048
011 264 5000
EMS Events
011 407 6374