Escalate account issue to the City of Joburg

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Escalate Account Issue
How to log / escalate a complaint with the City of Joburg

Before rushing to your ward councillor to address issues in your ward, ensure that you log the complaint with the relevant  city department  / authority.  Once the complaint is logged, residents are encouraged to inform their ward councillor so that they can escalate the process.

Councillors are not a mechanism for bypassing the City’s reporting structures and cannot instruct entities as they perform oversight duties, so please log all issues and escalate if not resolved within the relevant turnaround time.

Service delivery issues must be logged first and if not resolved, use the following format: 

Name, Surname

Cellphone No,

Street address


Account No  / Erf No

Entity / City Reference number

Date logged and 

Brief Description of the problem in chronological order

Relevant supporting document/s / Photo/s


If your issue related to an Electricity / Water   – kindly take photo of the meter with your most current local newspaper reflected the date showing the meter number and the reading.

Thereafter escalate to the councillor.


The councillors you elect form a municipal council. This is the body that makes the by-laws and decisions for local government and oversees the executive and administration.

A municipal council has a number of different responsibilities. These include making the laws and policies, providing financial oversight, planning the budget, and hiring the municipal manager. It is also responsible for ensuring that the municipal administration fulfils its duties to the community.

More about a councillors job 

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